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Access Control Systems

These days it is more important than ever to control who has access to your office, facility, or commercial property. One of the best ways to maximize control and security over your property is to install an access control system. Trusted by numerous customers throughout Rochester and the surrounding area, Bowman’s Door Solutions provides complete access control systems to keep your property secure. Keyless door entry systems offer numerous advantages — no longer will you have to worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands, employees going into restricted areas, or rekeying your locks every time a key is misplaced. 

What Are Access Control Systems?

An access control system gives you the ability to control who is granted access into your office, building, or commercial facility. Building and facility access control systems allow you to restrict access to sensitive parts of your workspace and keep track of which employees have access to these spaces. There are many different types of access control systems, including:

  • Key card entry
  • Smart locks
  • Proximity key fobs
  • Pincode entry
  • Smartphone entry
  • Biometric locks
  • And more

With professional access control system installation, you can eliminate the risk of unauthorized key duplication and trespassing into restricted areas. At BDS,  we can set you up with a keyless door entry system that uses access cards, badges, fobs, and even smartphones to gain access into certain areas of your property.  

How Do Keyless Locks Work?

After an access control system is professionally installed it can operate in several ways. The most advanced facility access control systems will log everything and leave a detailed audit trail.  When an employee or someone attempts to gain access to a controlled door via their key, keypad, card, or other entry method it interacts with the access control system and they are either allowed to enter or not allowed to enter. If allowed in, their identity will be recorded and the time of day they entered. Time restraints can also be set, meaning if they try to access an area outside of their allocated time allowance the door will not open. If at some point someone with access is no longer granted access they can be simply removed from the system. There is no need to retrieve keys or worry about them coming back and tampering with your belongings. 

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Keyless door entry systems are available for businesses of all sizes and can be used for different purposes. Their customization makes them ideal for any business or facility. Access control technologies can offer your company the following benefits:

  • Improved Security. Access control systems are ideal for securing your office, building, or facility. Keyless locks can be used to protect main entries and secondary systems can be tailored to specific rooms where sensitive data is stored. In addition to being durable, the complexity of keyless access systems will also make it nearly impossible to replicate keys.
  • Monitors Activity. Access control systems apply unique designations to each person who has access to the building. Whenever employees or personnel use their badge or keycard, their identity and time of entry are stored in the system, making it easy to track who is coming and going. 
  • Customized To Your Security Needs. Door entry access control systems allow you to have some customizability. The system can be designed to restrict access after set time frames. Some employees can be granted unlimited access, and others can be granted access only at certain times.

Get More Control Over Your Facility With Keyless Door Entry Systems

From traditional office settings and retail shops to facilities and factories, our access control systems are designed for our customers in the Greater Rochester Area. To learn more about keyless door entry systems, contact us today!

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