8 Reasons You May Find Yourself Needing A Residential Locksmith

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If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t put a lot of thought into the locks and doors of your home. Sure, you make sure that your doors are closed and locked before leaving your home and before going to bed, but other than that there is really not too much concern about them — until something goes wrong, that is. And when that time comes, it is important that you have a local residential locksmith that offers the services and solutions you need.

Of course, it is helpful to have a better understanding of the situations that require help from a professional locksmith company. That is why, in this blog, we are going to share some of the common reasons you may need help from a residential locksmith.

You Have Lost or Stolen Keys

What’s one of the biggest reasons people contact residential locksmith companies? You may be surprised to learn that it’s due to keys that have been lost or stolen. In either situation, there is the potential of a stranger gaining access to your home as well as all of your belongings inside. While lost or stolen keys can present a lot of harmful risks, all of them can be avoided by immediately contacting a locksmith service. Residential locksmiths can have your locks rekeyed or even replaced, plus they can have new keys made so that the key that was lost or stolen will no longer fit the door’s locks.

You Are Moving Into A Rental Unit

Renting a townhome, condo, or apartment, can be a lot of fun! Not only do you not have to worry about maintenance, lawn mowing, and there often are a ton of community amenities. However, there is no guessing how many people have a key to your place. While previous tenants are required to return their keys when moving out, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that there aren’t copies or extras floating around somewhere. Contacting a residential locksmith can offer you peace of mind that stems from knowing that you are the only person with a key to your place!

You Are Moving Into An Existing Home

Moving into a home that already exists is just like moving into a rental unit – there is no telling who has a key to your front door, to the door in the garage or any other entrances to your home. This is particularly true for older homes that may have had multiple previous owners. No matter the age of an existing home, if you are moving into it do yourself a favor and contact a residential locksmith rekey your locks, or replace them completely if necessary.

You Are Moving Into A New Home

While it may seem like moving into a new home build would come the benefit of few to no security worries where your door locks are concerned. However, that is not actually the case. Just because you are the first owners of the home, you still have no idea who might have a copy of your door key. While it usually is unlikely, people from your home builder to the electricians and drywall contractors need access to your home during the construction phase, which may mean there is another copy of your key somewhere out there. Even if you have a brand new home, having a locksmith replace your locks, or at least rekey them, will help you gain peace of mind.

You Have A Broken Key

While it is usual, your keys can break from time to time. Continuous use and wear can cause your key to eventually break. Sometimes, a key can break while in the lock itself, and other times, it happens when you drop the key, or it experiences some other type of impact. Broken keys, especially those that break in locks are a serious issue, particularly if no one else with a key to the house is around. A residential locksmith will be able to take the necessary steps to get you back inside your home and can either cut a new key, rekey the lock, or replace the lock as needed.

Your Lock Is Damaged

Just like the keys that unlock them, door looks are not impervious to wear and tear. Over time, they will eventually wear and malfunction. Plus, in the unfortunate event that a burglar or intruder tries gaining access to your home, it is possible that the lock can get damaged to the point where it no longer functions with your key.

You Are Locked Out

Another reason why homeowners contact a locksmith is getting locked out of their own home. You may have been there before – you step outside to grab the newspaper, or to check the mail, and the door closes behind you. When you try to open it, the handle doesn’t turn and you realize you are locked out. Fortunately, this is no problem for an experienced locksmith, that will be able to get your door open in minutes. In some instances, rekeying the lock will be the best solution, but if the damage is severe, you may need to replace the entire door handle/lock assembly.

You Want Single-Key Access

Most homeowners have different keys for the front, back, and side doors, not to mention the garage door. It can be frustrating to have to carry all of these keys just so you can ensure you have a way into your home. Plus, there is a greater chance of losing one of the keys. If you don’t want to have to deal with multiple keys, single-key access may be something for you. With single-key access, a residential locksmith will come to your home and rekey all the access doors to your home so that a single key can operate them all.

As you can see, there are plenty of situations that you may find yourself in where a residential locksmith can be of service. If you are in need of a residential locksmith in Rochester, NY, you can count on the team at Bowman Door Solutions. To request an estimate for residential locksmith services, contact us!